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Every business and government organization today confronts a spectrum of security challenges, from outside intruders and internal employees with access to critical infrastructure … to malicious hackers…to money handling … to protecting bricks and mortar assets … to corporate intellectual property / trade secrets … to distribution … to personal information on employees, customers, and business partners … to computer networks and their web of interactions within the company and beyond … and more.

The PRISM Concept unlocks each element of this threatening spectrum, examining each individually and in interaction to arrive at a comprehensive, holistic protection program based upon a set of simple yet durable security requirements. The PRISM Concept then selects and groups applicable security measures according to their Prevention, Detection, Control and Intervention capabilities in a holistic design.

The core solutions we design into your program are based upon your own protection requirements, not somebody’s uninformed whim – our solutions key on what you need to do to prevent and mitigate these threatening security issues from creating serious problems for your organization.

PRISM was crafted by our founder, and it has been implemented repeatedly and successfully on a variety of consulting assignments over the past three decades by our founder and the core Business Partners forming our Consulting Group.

This approach, and the unprecedented expertise that spawned and continually rejuvenates the concept, remains available to select clients seeking a rare combination of risk management and control expertise combined with cost effective design and customer service delivery.

PRISM Security offers consulting services that are informed of security technology manufacturers, dealers, contractors, and guard companies, but we have absolutely no financial interests in them. Our security consulting commitment is entirely to our clients, their unique security requirements, and the tailored solutions that evolve from these requirements.

PRISM Security is a Veteran Owned Small Business.



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